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Our knowledgeable and passionate instructors will guide you through effective and motivating classes suitable for all fitness levels. Burn calories. Rev up your metabolism. Build long, lean muscle. Improve strength, flexibility, balance. Reduce stress. Increase energy. Feel amazing, better than ever!


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Starting with Hot Yoga and Pilates back in 2015 has brought consistency and an energy that keeps me coming back for more! My goals were to become leaner and to lose body fat in their upbeat HIIT classes and the yoga classes. From all the fitness clubs I’ve been to, personal training and group training sessions, these classes are the best! The hour workouts keep you challenged every day - the instructors are always there to adapt to yours needs along the way! You won’t regret joining this community of wonderful instructors and people who you can share your energy with! Let’s correct that, they are actually family that I see everyday! -Shila

Since my first class at HYP, the environment has always been so warm and welcoming. I feel each instructor has personally invested in my fitness journey, and has always been encouraging in every step of the way. The classes at HYP have not only helped to improve my physical wellness, but also held myself accountable to take care of my mental health through many practice to experience inner peace. I highly recommend all the classes to everyone that wants to give a try!” -Yuki

Happy Face in my Happy Place!!!! When I made the decision to try out the studio, I had no idea what to expect or where it would take me, and it has been nothing short of life changing. It has provided me the opportunity to balance both mental and physical health through regular practice and reach goals I could have never imagined. Most recently I have met the goal of losing over 30 lbs and 12 inches and I owe so much of that to the encouragement and support I feel from this community, both teachers and the students I have the pleasure to practice with. Mike and Lisa have built a studio that welcomes anyone and everyone. Their passion for the practice shines through with the environment that they have created, through beautiful studios and the amazing teachers they have leading you through class. Whether it is your first class or your 100th, you will be met with a challenge!!!! -Sarah